Prospectors Land Sale June 16

The Prospectors game is creating a virtual gold rush by offering in-game land plots for sale for Wax (and then later PGL). If you own a piece of land in Prospectors, you won’t have to pay rent, and you can mine gold or other resources at your leisure. You can build a long-lasting business with no worry of rent being due.

In the initial land sale, there will be 2,900 plots available for $150 in Wax each. The sale will be open to all with no whitelist. Each pack will contain one land plot at a random location on the map. The sale will be on June 16 at 12 pm EST, and pack opening will be announced at a later date.

After the June 16 sale, there will be a larger land sale for PGL (the in-game currency of Prospectors). The cost in PGL hasn’t been announced yet. If you don’t have enough PGL, you can buy more at Alcor. The sale will be part whitelist and part open, but the ratios and date for this second sale haven’t been announced yet.

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