R-Planet Rig Pack Drop #3 On May 22

R-Planet has announced the third wave of their aether mining tool packs, and this time there is no whitelist, so everyone can participate. Each user will be allowed the purchase of 1 mini pack and 1 mega pack, with a 5 minute cooldown period. However, going by past R-Planet sales, there won’t be any packs left after the first minute.


Once again, there will be mini and mega packs. There will be 9,000 mini packs and 2,250 mega packs. The mini packs contain 6 cards for a guaranteed mining power of 1,000 aether/hr. while the mega packs contain 24 cards for a guaranteed mining power of 4,000 aether/hr. There is a chance to score epic, legendary, or mythic rigs that give much higher aether rates, however.

Mini packs will cost $30 in Wax and mega packs will run $120 in Wax. The mini packs go on sale at 12:00 pm EST and the mega packs go on sale at 1 pm EST. Pack unboxing begins one hour after the mega pack sale at 2 pm EST.

Read more: https://rplanet.medium.com/the-r-planet-team-declares-rigs-for-everyone-a18f3f7c1790