Robotech Trading Cards Coming to Wax on May 20th

Old school anime Robotech is launching collectible trading cards on the Wax blockchain on May 20th at 1 pm EST. The drop will be unlimited for 24 hours and unboxing starts immediately after the sale ends.

There will be two types of packs available: Standard for $9.99 and Mecha for $49.99, and you’ll need both a credit card and Wax account to purchase them. The Standard packs get you 10 pre-minted NFTs, while the Mecha packs come with 60 pre-minted NFTs. The numbers minted depend on how many packs sell during the 24-hour window.

Much like the Street Fighter release, the packs contain Build cards which can be crafted into NFTs of varying rarities. These NFTs can then be upgraded further by combining them with additional cards.

Six free sticker NFTs will be dropped over the next 6 days, and there will also be a beta launch on May 19 at 1 pm EST. Check out the sticker drop link below and follow on the Discord below for details on the beta launch.

Free sticker drops: