Saw NFTs Drop on July 27

Lionsgate, Twisted Pictures, and Wax will release Saw NFT trading cards on July 27 at 1 pm EST. You’ll be able to craft the cards to solve puzzles and try to escape with your life. Pack opening and crafting will begin on July 27 at 4 pm EST.

Saw packs will contain an assortment of a build and base cards that can be combined to create a set of 215 NFTs (including build variations), showcasing characters, weapons, props, and locations from the film franchise.

There will be two pack sizes, standard containing 9 pre-minted craftable cards for $14.99 and mega containing 33 cards for $49.99. There will be a total of 11,333 standard packs and 16,666 mega packs available for 24 hours or until sold out.

There will also be a stress test on July 26 at 1 pm EST, where members of the Wax Discord can get free Saw promo packs. There are also three free promos available via the links below for 24 hours.

Website/Drop Link:
Stress Test/Discord:
July 22 Free Promo:
July 23 Free Promo:
July 26 Free Promo: