Second Rplanet Land Sale on April 29


The second Rplanet Land Sale will take place on April 29th. There will be 3,000 mini packs of 1 land and 1,000 dual packs of 2 lands. Only the 3,000 most active crafters on Rplanet will be allowed to participate in this drop.

The first Rplanet land sale was only open to players who were whitelisted via a random drawing from Rplanet’s Telegram bot. For this second land sale, they have released a list of all whitelited players that will be allowed to purchase land. If you’re not on this list, you will not be able to participate in this drop.

The mini pack sale will begin at 16:00 UTC and will be 1 pack per person for each of the 3,000 whitelisted players. The dual pack sale will begin at 17:00 UTC and will only be open to 1,000 whitelisted players. The cost per land will be $100 in Wax. Unpacking will be available at 18:00 UTC.

Again, if you aren’t one of the 3,000 most active crafters on Rplanet, found on the list here, you cannot participate in this drop. You will have to purchase packs or lands from the secondary market here.

This won’t be the last Rplanet land sale, so don’t give up hope of getting a land pack just yet. Also of note is that Rplanet has hinted that another mining rig pack sale is coming in the near future. Rumor also has it that they will be adding quite a few new card sets for staking in the next few weeks.

You can read more about this land sale on the official Rplanet blog here.