Secret Saviours of Underground Hip Hop Drops July 17

On July 17 at 1 pm EST, pre-minted packs of Secret Saviours of Underground Hip Hop will drop. Packs will cost $5.99 in Wax and contain 5 cards. There are 15 artists in set, each with a common, uncommon, animated sketch, and 1/1 concept sketch card to collect. There will also be a card with an original song by 2Mex, Awol One, and Ceschi Ramos.

The MC’s in Series 1:

1. Eyedea (RIP)
2. Kool Keith 
3. Grayskul 
4. 2Mex 
5. Ceschi 
6. Gift of Gab (RIP)
7. Myka Nine 
8. Subtitle 
9. The Cloaks 
10. Qwel 
11. Visionaries 
12. Neila
13. Bleubird 
14. Shape Shifters 
15. Sleep 

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