Stoney Baloney Trading Cards Launch August 31

Stoney Baloney cards, which I would describe as Garbage Pail Kids for stoners, launches on Wax on August 31 at 4:20 pm EST. The story behind the cards is that the federal government had decided to legalize recreational marijuana to calm a massive, nationwide uprising. Dr. Herb Goldsmith was recruited to breed powerful new strains using uranium, but this resulted in six human subjects mutating into half-human, half-weed mutants with superhuman abilities.

The evil doctor froze the mutants in suspended animation using his Nifty Blaster in order to use them to take over the world. He’s currently in hiding developing new mutant strains. and it’s up to collectors to free the Stoney Crew and save the world.

The trading cards come in seven rarities, and packs will contain 13 cards for $36. The drop link isn’t live yet, so keep an eye on their website and Telegram for more details. They are also holding giveaways in their Telegram group prior to launch. And Wax Guide has 5 Stoney Baloney packs we are giving away on Twitter here.