Street Fighter V Series 2 Packs Dropping July 15

Capcom and Wax have announced that Street Fighter V Series 2 packs will drop on July 15th at 1 pm EST. This time around there will be 15,000 Standard and 25,000 Ultimate packs available. The packs are pre-minted and contain 10 NFTs for $9.99 (Standard) and 60 NFTs for $49.99 (Ultimate).

Packs will have a 70% chance of Build cards and 30% chance of Ki cards. You can then use these cards to craft Base (60% chance), Flame (35% chance), K.O. (4.5% chance), Collector’s Edition (0.5% chance), and Empowered Ki cards.

There also will be a Stress Test on July 14th at 1 pm EST where you can earn a free demo pack by visiting this page. The Stress Test Packs can be opened at 4 pm EST the same day.

Drop Link: