The Horrors II Set Drops July 2

Ultra Rare will drop The Horrors II NFT trading card set on July 2 at 1 pm EST. There are 100 cards in the set in eight variants, for more than 1300 unique cards to collect. As with previous sets, collectors that put together mini sets of different rarities and sets of specific characters will be rewarded with exclusive prize cards.

Packs this time around will be $12 for 10 cards and $30 for 25 cards. Packs will be a hybrid of pre-mint and mint-on-demand, and there will be an open 13 minute sale, so this drop shouldn’t be as hard to get as the Alien Horrors set. Also, this set probably won’t stake on R-Planet (at least for now), so that will help keep away the bots and scalpers.

There will also be Little Horrors bonus packs containing a new mini set to collect that will be inserted into these packs, so you may find a pack in your pack.

The drop link isn’t live yet, so you’ll have to camp out in Ultra Rare’s Discord or Telegram right before the launch to find the link.