The Lore Icons Launch Dec. 16

Troll and Toad and Webbed Sphere have formed a trading card company called NFTNT, that will be releasing NFT trading cards on the Wax blockchain, as well as physical redemptions. Their first set, The Lore Icons, drops Dec. 16 at 12 pm EST.

The set will feature artwork of cryptids, which are creatures of legends told around the campfire. There will be 10 cryptids in the set, with 9 variations of each available in packs and 1 variation only available via blends.

There will be 5400 preminted packs available, with each pack containing 3 cards and at least 1 rare (or better) card per pack. As packs are sold, community rewards will be released, the first of which is blends, which will launch after 1350 packs are sold. Packs will cost $5.99 each.

NFTNT has announced future launches will include Alchemy England, Kong of Skull Island, and the artwork of Ed Beard Jr. and Beth Alice. They have also promised a utility league for collectors of their NFTs with cash prizes for the biggest collections.

Drop Link: