The Outer Space Men Action Figure NFTs Drop August 19

In 1968, the Colorforms Company (now The Outer Space Men, LLC) released a series of colorful action figures that are highly coveted by toy collectors to this day and cans sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars in their original packaging. In recent years, The Outer Space Men action figures have been re-released, and also new figures and variations have been created. These can be purchased from their website here.

On August 19 at 1 pm EST, vIRL NFTs of The Outer Space Men will be released on the Wax Blockchain in packs of one NFT each. Each pack will cost $251 and contains one NFT that will reward you with the physical action figure (shipping included) if redeemed. You also have a chance of receiving a rare White Star card, which can be redeemed for a figure that retails for $999. This will be the first Wax release where every NFT can be redeemed for a physical item.

There will be a stress test drop on August 18 at 1 pm, where participants can get a free promo pack. These promo packs can be unboxed at 4 pm the same day. To get your pack, watch for the link on the Wax discord server on August 18. Obviously, promo NFTs cannot be redeemed for a physical action figure.

Drop Link: