Tutorial: How to Market Your Wax NFTs

So you’ve created your first NFT collection and want to get the word out there. Unfortunately, buyers probably won’t come to you, and with new collections popping up on Wax every day, new creators have to work harder than ever to get their work discovered by their target audience. This guide is meant for newbie creators who need a crash course in NFT Marketing 101.

Create Social Media Accounts

The first thing you should do is create social media accounts for your collection that are separate from your personal accounts. You’ll want to at least set up Twitter, but Instagram, Facebook, and other social sites can be useful promotional tools as well. Add links to these accounts on your Atomic collection page and anywhere else you can.

Twitter if great for networking, not just with collectors who might buy your NFTs, but with other creators as well. Building good relationships with other creators can help with cross-promotion and retweets, but be authentic. Find the accounts of those artists that you truly admire, follow them, and interact with them by liking and retweeting their tweets. Don’t be a spammer that follows everyone in the hopes that they’ll follow you back. Honest interactions are always the way to go.

Build A Website

Okay, maybe you’re an artist and not a tech geek, but building a website is really more simple than you might think. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy or even a paid website. All you really need is a URL that you can link to from your Atomic Market collection page, Twitter, and anywhere else you want to advertise. Free services like Blogger, Medium, or WordPress will work fine.

Now what info should you put on your website? Links to your collection on Atomic, links to your drops, a summary of what your collection is all about, a bio about yourself, and info on how to contact you are all essential items. Be sure to include any social links you have, such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Instagram, etc. Remember, your website isn’t just for collectors. Sites like Wax Guide will be looking at your website to cover your drops or write articles about you as well.

Of course, if you want to look more professional, you can purchase your own domain name for around $10 a year and web hosting for as little as $10/month from some place like Dream Host. They have one-click installs for WordPress and other website building software that will let you set up a website in minutes.

Create A Telegram and/or Discord

Telegram and Discord are the group chats of choice for the NFT community, and you’ll find that most artists and collections have one or both set up for interacting with their fans. Building a community of people who enjoy your work allows them to trade your NFTs with each other, make suggestions to you, and connect in a way that can’t be done via channels like Twitter. Of course, you won’t have time to moderate this group discussions 24/7, so try to find some trusted fans or friends and promote them to channel admins. 

Give Away Some Promos

An easy way to get your name out there is to create a free promo drop on Atomic. There are lots of users that are subscribed to free drops via phone apps and Telegram bots, and, of course, these drops also show up on the main Atomic Drops page.

To keep bots from claiming all of your free promos, I would suggest using a captcha at the very least, but you may want to take things a step further and use a key to protect the drop instead. With a private drop key, you can choose who to share the free promos with, whether that’s your Twitter followers, members of your Telegram group, or a Discord server.

Using a “whitelisted” drop like this is also a good way to get collectors to join your Telegram or Discord or follow you on Twitter. Put a link to these places in your drop description and ask that collectors follow you in order to qualify for the drop. Today’s free NFT collector is tomorrow’s paid NFT collector.

Hold Contests

An easy way to gain Twitter followers or get people to join your Telegram or Discord is to hold some contests. If you’re doing a pack drop or a NFT drop, set aside a few for promotional purposes. You can hold these contests yourself or find resources like Wax Guide that are willing to hold a Twitter giveaway for you. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can grow your followers this way.

Advertise Your Drops

There are Telegram groups and Discord channels specially dedicated to free and paid NFT drops. Seek these out and post your drops to all of them. Here are few to get you started:

Free NFT Drops (Free drops only) – https://t.me/freenftdrops
Wax NFT Drops – https://t.me/waxdrops
AtomicHub Deals – https://t.me/atomicdeals
NFT Shillers Paradise – https://t.me/NFTShillersParadise
Dust Drops (Dust drops only) – https://t.me/DustDrops
Art on Chain – https://t.me/artonchain
Wax NFT Trading – https://t.me/NFTTrade
NFT Traders – https://t.me/WAXNFTTraders
NFT Shill – https://t.me/NFTshill

Wax Guide Discord – https://discord.gg/99Z9GBkEy5 (Post to the appropriate drop channel)

If you know of more places to advertise drops on Telegram or Discord, drop me a DM on Twitter at @wax_guide and let me know.

Get Listed On Drop Calendars

There are a few websites like Wax Guide that are dedicated to spreading news about Wax drops. Send your drop info or press releases to these news sites whenever you do a drop.

Wax Guide: Send press releases or drop info to Wax Guide: https://wax.guide/contact-us/

NFT Insider: Get listed on the NFT Insider Drop Schedule: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd9e6hiirQ-5VEwAx6mVsYPmq0k6MQjDHjyUb8eeQRB6bn-Kg/viewform

NFT Horizon: Contact them here: https://nfthorizon.io/contact/

Purchase Banner Advertising

Several Wax-related sites sell banner advertising if you are willing to invest some money in advertising your drops. Contact them via the contact forms on their websites or via Telegram. Keep in mind that banner advertising on some of these sites costs hundreds of dollars a day, so it may not be a viable option for everyone.

  • R-Planet
  • NFTHive
  • Wax Wallet
  • Atomic Market
  • Collect.Social

Find A Partner

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking it’s all too much work for you, and you’d rather focus on the art. That’s definitely a valid position. Well known artists can partner with companies like R2 Collectibles or LGND to put out their NFTs for them, or you can find a business partner that specializes in marketing and/or web design, and have them handle that side of the business. Not everyone can be good at everything, so seek out help if and when you need it.


Join Telegram groups and Discord servers for Wax projects and collections that you personally enjoy and try to be active on them. Follow artists whose work you admire and let them know. Try to get artists you like to collaborate on NFTs with you. Go on NFT podcasts and shill your collection. Attend virtual and in-person networking events, such as DYGYCON. Basically, put yourself out there, make some new friends, have fun, and maybe earn some business in the process.