Void Supernaturals Launching Oct. 5

On Oct. 5 at 12:00 pm EST, The Guild and Onessus will launch a collection celebrating mythical characters that have defined the human experience over the course of history. Void Supernaturals is a NFT collection by 13 artists from The Guild’s rotating roster, and they’ve created 12,064 card variations in this huge set.

The collection will be stakable on WhenStaking and will include the following rarities:

  • Common: 44.05%
  • Uncommon: 37.75%
  • Rare: 15.10%
  • Epic: 1.70% (with a silver holographic foil enhancement)
  • Legendary: 1.35% (with a unique gold holographic foil enhancement)
  • Supreme: 00.05% (with a psychedelic holographic foil enhancement!)

There will be three packs types in the drop, Initiate with 5 cards for $19.99 in Wax, Believer with 13 NFTs for $39.99, and Supreme with 25 cards for $69.99. The sale will last for 24 hours.

Collectors also have a chance to find one of 3 1/1 Charged Particles Easter Eggs, which come pre-loaded with interest-bearing assets via the AAVE protocol. This assets can be redeemed, sold, or staked.

Free Promo: https://neftyblocks.com/c/voidsupernft/drops/48787
Drop Link: https://neftyblocks.com/c/voidsupernft
Website: https://voidsupernaturals.com/