Wax Arena Contender Boxes Dropping June 25 and 26

Wax Arena is a game launching soon on the Wax network that will let you use NFTs from various collections to battle against Arena Champions. At launch these collections will include Gods and Legends, NOA Collectibles, Ishiki Arata, Desti Nations Collectibles, Corporate World, and The Midnight Travelers. More collections will be added after the game launches.

Holding more NFTs from these collections gives you more Power Points, which increases your odds of winning and allows you to decrease the cooldown time between battles. The NFTs do not need to be staked, they just need to be in your wallet. Defeating the Champion earns you a Wax prize that is generated by the sale of Arena Entry Keys.

The first sale of Wax Arena NFTs are Contender Boxes that come in two sizes, small containing 5 cards and large containing 15 cards. A small box will give you 1 card from each of the 5 participating collections, while a large box gets you 3 cards from each collection. Small boxes will cost either $7 or $8 in Wax and large boxes will cost $20 or $22 in Wax. The price difference depends on whether you buy them in the first drop on June 25 at 3 pm EST or the second drop on June 26 at 3 pm EST. There will be 550 small boxes and 350 large boxes available for each drop. Collectors will be limited to 3 small and 1 large box per drop.

The drop links aren’t active yet, so you’ll want to sign up the Wax Arena website for updates.

Drop Link: https://www.waxarena.io/boxes
Website: https://www.waxarena.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArenaWax
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/wJw4ZPpRpw