Wax Gaming Spotlight: Metal War

Metal War is still in Alpha, but it has become very playable over the last couple of weeks as the Devs have gone live with several new features. The game is similar to Alien Worlds in that the game units are NFTs on the Wax blockchain and there’s mining to earn an in-game currency. However, unlike Alien Worlds, which hasn’t really added any new gameplay elements since the beginning of the year, Metal War development seems to be moving along at a brisk pace.

There are six types of units in Metal War, five used in raids/battle and one used for mining. The mining unit is called a Hamster and can mine 100 MWM, the in-game currency, per hour. This currency is used to repair units after they take damage and can also be sold on Alcor Exchange. The other units are Wolves, Ants, Skunks, Raccoons, and Elephantors. These units are used in raids (and eventually PVP) and earn one shard per raid.

Shards are used to craft new units, which can be sold on the market or used in the game. Each unit produces a different type of shard, and it takes 500 shards to craft a new unit. Shards can also be sold or bought on Alcor Exchange.

Packs are no longer available for sale, so new players wanting to enter the game will have to purchase units on Atomic Hub. You’ll want at least one Hamster for mining and at least one other unit if you want to go on raids to earn shards. The game currently has a high entry cost for new players, but this may change. As more players enter the game, more units will be crafted and likely become available on the market. Also, more shards become available on the market at Alcor as players constantly earn them via raids.

There’s a limit to how many raid units you can run without having multiple Hamsters because damage quickly adds up and puts your raiders out of commission. It’s likely that Hamsters will remain one of the more valuable units on the secondary market, as you need to add more of these in order to add more raiders to your army. Elephantors are also expensive on the market because these are the only units that can earn Hamster shards to craft new Hamsters.

Currently, players can mine and raid using each unit once per hour. After this, the units need to cool down before they can be used again. Each unit also needs to be repaired after every 10 turns (mining or raiding). As mentioned previously, MWM is used to repair units. The repair costs vary based on the unit. Damaged units cannot mine or raid, and they also cannot be sold on the market. Damaged units need to be repaired before you can move them from the game and sell them.

On the roadmap for the game is a PVP mode and raid boss battles. More info on upcoming features can be found on Metal War’s Discord server.

Website: https://metal-war.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/metalwargame_EN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetalWarGame
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HXTeXsQuj7