Wax to Release Carbon Offset NFTs

Wax has announced that they will be releasing “carbon impact NFTs” that will offset a portion of your carbon dioxide generating activities when you burn them. The way they accomplish this is by planting a tree sapling for every $1 in NFT value. Burning a $25 NFT, for example, will lead to the planting of 25 saplings.

The NFTs will be priced at $1, $5, $25, and $100, and can be purchased here once launched. You can read more on the official Wax blog here.

Wax is already a much more energy efficient blockchain than Ethereum and Bitcoin, as it’s a delegated proof of stake system instead of a proof of work system. According to Wax, they are 125,000 times more energy-efficient than Ethereum, and the Wax blockchain is carbon neutral to boot. Offering their users these “carbon impact NFTs” is just another way of showing that Wax is the blockchain that actually cares about the environment.