Weezer NFTs Drop on April 28

The band Weezer will be bringing their own set of NFTs to the Wax blockchain on April 28, 2021 at 1 pm EST. The set called “OK Crypto” celebrates their recent album, “OK Human”. Each of the 12 songs on the album is represented by its own card.

There will be 60 unique cards in the set in 5 different rarities: common, collectible, rare, deluxe, and ultra rare. In addition to these, collectors will have a chance at receiving 1 of 12 “ultra rare” golden tickets, which will be redeemable for a physical toy.

These toys will be handmade by Dan Polydoris of Death by Toys, and each toy will represent one of the 12 different songs.

There will be two pack sizes available: the standard pack of 10 for $20 and the mega pack of 25 for $40. There will be a total of 5,000 standard and 3,000 mega packs in circulation. The packs can be opened at 4 PM EST the same day of the sale.

There will be a server stress test release on April 27th at 1 pm EST. Special promotional stress test NFTS will be given out on this day and can be unboxed at 4 pm EST.

The Weezer cards will be pre-minted in the packs, so there will be no need to rush to open them. Collectors will have a chance of receiving low mints no matter when they open their packs.

The official Wax announcement for this set can be found here.
The official website for the launch isn’t up yet as of this posting, but will be located here.