Willie Mays & Sandy Koufax Hitting Wax on Oct. 26

Skrapper Legends Series III is dropping on Oct. 26 at 1 pm EST, featuring portraits of Willie Mays and Sandy Koufax. The artwork is by William Quigley and digital artist Seth Lamburn (aka SkrapperPunk) and published by Wax. This third set will be the final Skrapper Legends series of 2021.

There will be five rarities and a total of 825 packs (representing Mays’ 600 home runs plus Koufax’s 165 wins) in this collection. Packs will be $100 each in Wax and contain one NFT with the following odds:

  • Common (66.79% Chance)
    551 cards total
  • Epic (24.24% Chance)
    200 cards total
  • Golden Epic (7.27% Chance)
    60 cards total
  • Legendary (1.21% Chance)
    10 cards total
  • Super Legendary (0.48% Chance)
    4 cards total

Drop Link: https://wdny.io/skrapper-legends-3/